A downloadable game for Windows

You're Deedee, a spy that go deeper and deeper an organization to steal docs and jewels.

This is my entry for LudumDare #48.  Unfortunatelly, I didn't finished it but I like the idea, so I'll complete the game with all the ideas I had (more puzzles, more enemies, SOUND, MUSIC...).  If you like it too, follow me to read my advances.

I've included both Windows executable (works on Linux+Wine) and sources (though, maybe it is hard to compile).

I'll do a complete version, so stay tuned if you like the idea!

Thanks for testing.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and execute the deedee.exe file.

Dont forget to read the README.txt file!


deedeespy-LD48-bin-win32.zip 6 MB
deedeespy-LD48-src.zip 199 kB

Development log

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